About MangaTalk
Welcome to MangaTalk, a collaborative blog where we talk about comics, Manga (Japanese comics) and everything remotely related to the medium with great enthusiasm! MangaTalk has a large readership around the world and is commonly recognized as one of the most reputed professional comics-related sites in the Chinese blogosphere.

MangaTalk is non-commercial, non-profit, community-driven, and the project’s intention is completely educational. We don’t even run ads!

Co-founded by Vincent Zhang and Kevin Hsiung in 2011, the team of MangaTalk currently consists of around 10 regular columnists and occasionally we’ll have guest writers come over. MangaTalk’s content is 100% original; following and respecting copyright terms / Internet content etiquette is a significant part of our culture. 😉

In the past, MangaTalk have partnered with Japanese National Library, Kodansha, Ichijinsha and other industry entities / professionals for bringing valuable educational content to readers. We are featured on Guokr, Douban and other popular services as one of the recommended portals in the comics category.

If you would like to pitch a story, explore collaborative opportunities or just want to say hi, we’d love to hear from you!
Please write to us at hi@mangatalk.net.

See you, Space Cowboy!

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